Jan 19 2013
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Error 80028F10 video output settings trying to play EU PSOne games on NTSC PS3

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Hi guys,

I had bought two PSOne games some time ago on my PSP, FFVII and Metal Gear, using a European PSN account as I was living in Europe then, now I tried to download them and play them on my PS3 (US) and I get the error:

You cannot play this game at the current video output setting. (80028F10)

After searching around online, many forums say to use an HDMi cable instead of AV to solve it, but I am actually using HDMI on an LG LCD TV which supports up to 1080i.

I have tried the resolutions 480p, 720p and 1080i and none seem to work.

any ideas anyone?

Thanks in advance!

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