May 19 2013
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Error 800233EC when downloading PSN games

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Good day guys.


I just purchased Agarest War from PSN yesterday and am hving trouble downloading it. It kept on saying that there is an error.




Need help. Smiley Sad

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Re: Error 800233EC when downloading PSN games

May 19, 2013
During the transfer of info from the servers your account some bits of info got corruped. This will give you and error message. Or you have alot of line noise. Go to and see how your rate. Check your ping. Mine is 15 ms which is very good. The higher the number the worse you will be. Its the time it takes from you to the server and back again. I am lucky I am very close to my server. I run at 70 megs down load and 10 megs upload..Also unplug your modem for one min and replug it in. But make sure you ps is off. But really do that speed test. Also are you using wi fi for you ps. I find wi fi for big data transfers to unstable. I wire my ps for best quality. Wi fi is just like a radio signal. It can go up and down depending on things around. Try wireing your ps and do that internet test on like I said..You can also do it on your ps but make sure you have auto log on set so it can complete the test..This test is under network settings. Doing what I said might make your downloads much better. I never get any error messages when I download. Hope this helps
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