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Fender Bender
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Re: End of game collections?

Jul 22, 2011

bronxz32 wrote:

Logical_Dolphin wrote:

You are mistaken, the Vita does have a physical media option. Games come on a propritary memory card, something like the Nintendo DS uses. You can also download games from PSN if you wish. One thing Sony said they learned from the PSPgo "experiement" was that their consumers still liked the physical media format...

That was one of the few big mistakes sony made in the last few years. Whoever convinced sony that that was the way to go is an idiot.

Agreed. When PSP go was still a rumor, I said going download-only would be so incredibly stupid (retailer boycotts, most gamers prefer having a physical medium, many games wont get on PSN, higher costs, no upgrade path for existing users, etc) that there is no way Sony would do it

My mistake was assuming I wasn't smarter than Sony.

Though I was suprised they were willing to make part of that mistake a second time by abandoning UMD for a more expensive format. That's going to have a huge negative effect on developers.

I was so dead on for my predictions that I've even been harassed by a few PSP go users for years, they even followed me onto other web sites.

to the guy who said flash is no longer too expensive: Before the japanese earthquake, flash still cost more per gigabyte than UMD did when PSP launched 7 years ago. After the earthquake, flash went up in cost by 30%. This is going to have a huge negative effect on developers. And UMD didnt really use that much power, look at the difference in battery life between the 2000 and the go. Going with bluray would've given them more space and it would've been cheaper than 2 GB of flash.

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