Jan 23 2014
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Easiest Way to Avoid PS4 WiFi

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So I know that not everyone has an issue with the ps4 wireless, but I did and I see a lot of others with the same issue. I live in Dallas and use verizon fios as my provider. On wifi I would get 2/1 Mbps , no matter how close they were together or what ports were open. So I ran a Ethernet cable from my router, through the wall, up to the attic and back down to the room my ps4 is in. I now get 50/10 Mbps and better.

The issue is I had to spend a day crawling around my attic and doing work I do not like. I did not have to do all of this it turns out. That night I read a post on reddit with someone having the same issue. The wonderful posters over at reddit then suggested he just buy a power line network adapter, Actiontec 500 AV Powerline Network Adaptor. As it turns out you can use ur house's electric outlets to run your internet signal through. I had absolutely no idea this existed. U just plug a small jack in an outlet close to ur router. And run an Ethernet cable from the jack to the router. Then plug another one in the same room as the device u want to hook up to and hook them up with a cable. Boom! U now have a hard wired ps4.

Maybe this is common knowledge, but I had no clue and this would have saved me tons of time. Hopes this helps someone out.

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Re: Easiest way to avoid ps4 wifi

Jan 23, 2014

Been using powerline adapters for a few years now. They are amazing!

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