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Re: EA's "pay-to-win" BF4 microtransactions are a heart breaker

Apr 1, 2014

I noticed that this weekend with COD Ghosts. I mean I bought the hardened edition with the Season Pass and not only are they now trying to sell me more but have an annoying green icon in my customizations, telling me that I'm missing content.
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Re: EA's "pay-to-win" BF4 microtransactions are a heart breaker

May 28, 2014

I don't mind paying my dues, putting in my time, dying as much as I need to so I can advance and I truly love the competition.



I have mixed feelings about this.


Yeah,  it sucks going out there and getting **bleep** raped by a newbie (level 1~5) when I spent many hours struggling getting to a level 30. And yes, I can see their upgrades as they are listed when they kill you. Those upgrades are not available when your level is that low.


I'm tired of the lopsided killing and the imbeciles who just harass other players and on occasion their own team mates... I once witnessed both squads of the same team gather, encircle a guy (who was harassing others with his MAV) with LAV's, grenades and all sorts of guns and actually wasted him in a hail of death.. That made my day!!!


I'm sick and tired of nailing guys with a full clip, a grenade, an RPG round or other items only to be taken out with a single pistol shot. Especially postol shots that are taken at 50m or more while they're on the run.  

I hate C-4 suicide bombers.

I hate how guys with sniper rifles can aim and shoot on the run without stopping to take aim.

I really hate hitting guys dead on with staff shells just so they can take my tank out with C-4 which I think is just wrong.

Sorry, but C-4 CAN NOT take out an M1 Abrams or a Russian T-90. Maybe take out the track and immobilize it, but not kill it.

That needs to change. NOT realistic for those who experienced those real life situations.


I hate the fact that I'm an experienced hard core player (especially air combat from PS1 to PS3 Air Combat series) and have no fighting chance when I fly.

Which brings me to this:

I especially hate the fact that when I fly a fighter,  I can't out manuver an A-10?

Sorry, the A-10 is my all time favorite "ground attack" aircraft, but it can NOT dog fight with a fighter. It was never meant to.

A helicopter can nail me and take me out while I'm flying high with afterburners going?

I can get hit once by AAA fire or one single Stinger and I'm instantly dead?

Yet I hit All sorts of aircraft with AAA and missles with little damage to them.

Again....NOT realistic for those who experienced real life situations.


I've heard rumores of this being a server issue.

Is this a Server Issue?

So yeah, at this point I'm considering going to PSN and purchasing all the upgrades I can afford just to make the matches even.


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Re: EA's "pay-to-win" BF4 microtransactions are a heart breaker

May 28, 2014

Y'all think this is bad now? Just wait until you see what EA/DICE is gonna do with Battlefront 3.

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