Jul 21 2012
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I'll start this off by saying I LOVE THIS GAME! There have been quite a few music/color mix type shooters released on the various Sony platforms over the years. None quite like Dyad.

The game starts off innocently enough. Your little squid shooter (my daughters came up with that name, describes the character perfectly I think) starts at the bottom of a colorful cylinder. With the techno beats thumping in the background you begin shooting at colorful enemies. Every time you shoot pairs of the same color enemies your squid speeds up. This is when things start getting interesting.

As you go faster and faster down the cylinder it becomes harder to avoid running into enemies. When you do your squid will slow to a crawl and "remind" a bit back the cylinder. As you progress through the levels you'll gain new abilities like "lancing" rows of enemies, making your squid go faster yet. This is the most important ability as it allows you to shave precious seconds off your level times.

The game seems easy enough to advance, only having to basically complete the level to advance to the next. However you must master each level in order to open up a "trophy run" of the level. This is another pass at a similar version of each level, albeit much more difficult. In some of the later levels there are few people on the leaderboards completing the levels, & even less making it to the trophy run of the level. As you can imagine the trophies awarded for completing such daunting tasks are mostly silver & gold. The platinum awarded for 100% completion being, in my opinion, is the most difficult to achieve on any game I've played.

The game offers high replay values, as not only can you constantly try to shave precious seconds off your times & creep up the leaderboards but also play a "remix" of each level. Here you can choose to turn parts of the music track, enemy collisions, & other settings on & off. The music speed can be timed with the speed of your squid & speed related visual distortion, making for a really trippy run through the level.

For those gamers old enough to remember, like myself, the game is similar to Tempest. However the techno beats, HD visuals, & sheer difficulty of the game make it stand apart from all past attempts at a game like this.

I'd recommend this game to anyone looking for a challenge. Trophy hunters need not apply, as a casual playthrough of the game will not bring you glory. True mastery of the game is required in order to win the trophies, again making them the most truly earned trophies of any game out there.

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Jul 25, 2012

Nice review, Greg.  Good luck with those trophies!

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