Jul 23 2012
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Dyad: Or, How I Learned to Stop Breathing and Play the Game

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I almost had a panic attack while playing Dyad.


It was about 2:30 AM, and, I had the level "I Really Missed Jack" loaded up for the first time. It's one of the later levels in the game, so, by that point, I kind of knew what to expect - another beautiful smorgasbord of light and sound. Yet, I still wasn't prepared for what this level was about to do to me.


"I Really Missed Jack" involves staying alive for as long as you can, while extending invincibility (a phrase which, I know, means nothing out of context, but, those who've played it will know exactly what that means), all the while, your little dyad picks up speed. For the uninitiated, this level is kind of like WipEout's Zone mode, except with a slightly higher chance of breaking your psyche. The level starts as slow as you can possibly go, then, as you progress, it gets faster, and faster...and FASTER. As the speed picked up, and as I was extending invincibility, spinning around the screen, hooking / lancing enemies, extending more invincibility, and so on, I started to lose myself in the game. The colors and sound assaulting my eyes and ears, my jaw slowly started to drop, my breathing was getting heavy.


I almost started laughing at the absurdity of what was transpiring on the screen. I remember saying out loud, to myself, "I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING". My eyes were wide open and I began to start breathing faster. By that point, I had stayed alive long enough to get 3 stars on the level and move on, but, I still had all of my lives left, so I continued. That's about when I caught the flow of the game, and I just....kept...going. At some points, I would even close my eyes, and let the sound direct my hands on the controller. 


I was no longer on Earth, I was *in* Dyad.


By the time I had finally ended the level, I was (and still remain) no.1 on the "I Really Missed Jack" global leaderboard. I've never been no.1 on any kind of leaderboard before, and, I imagine that record will be crushed once Dyad is released worldwide, but, I'm going to enjoy it while I can!


So, yeah, I came very close to having a complete panic attack while playing Dyad, and I mean that entirely as a compliment to this incredible game. In fact, I imagine Shawn McGrath (the game's creator) might think that's a perfectly valid response to Dyad.


Oh, and, don't even get me started on the final stage of Dyad, "Eye of the Duck." After playing that, I'm not even sure of who I am anymore.

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