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Driven To Play #PlayStationForever

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From PSNMember: MoneyEscobar2in1


Dear Playstation,


                When I started playing games, at the age of 6, I never knew how being loyal to games has been so great to me or anyone else. When I was just starting out playing games, I was only playing for fun. Now, I play for Fun, Excitement, Glory and most of all to Loyalty for my Gaming brand, PlayStation. I was So Excited to get my first PS one, At the age of ten, it was the best day of my life and ever since then I was hooked on THE POWER of PS.  I couldn't stop shaking this feeling that yes, I was turning into a hardcore gamer, and I like it. But the power that my PS was exuding, X’s and O’s was pulsating and coursing through my veins. Before all this, I Ate, Slept and Drank gaming, Now, I Eat, Sleep and drink PlayStation gaming to the fullest...


                When I Heard about the PS2 in 2001, I wanted it more than ANYTHING to buy it, I even took a job at GameStop for three years after High School to save up for it, so when the day came for me to buy it, I'd be Primed and ready To Buy it. When I did, I didn't just buy any PS2, I went all out and bought the New Satin Sliver PS2 and still have it to this day.  Now when I heard about the PS3 coming in 2006, you know it, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it by ANY means Necessary. Even when I played a little bit of a PS3 in a GameStop when I was 19.  I earned my dream job, being around gaming every day and making money to earn for, but with all the craziness, it just fell outta my reach, I could only play games like Heavenly Sword, God of War, Uncharted, Infamous and Marvel vs Capcom 3 in the store when I had downtimes and off days.


When I checked out the power, sleek and ground breaking HD Quality and Sounds of the PS3, I literally came to my knees.  The gameplay was so amazing utilizing the controls of the new Sixaxis controller and how you can interact and Move your character, Vehicle, Monster etc.  I wanted more than ever to get my hands on a PS3 more than anything.


Even without one and even with my brother saying adios to it, I still flew the Flag for PlayStation because I was forever loyal to the gaming brand, that I love. During that time I won a PSP from a Contest on a Radio show here in Birmingham, Alabama and Bag myself 20 games at Wal-Mart that same day, I took the PSP wherever I went, games like Metal Gear Solid: Peace walker, The 3rd Birthday,  Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines and Army of Two: The 40th Day. It tied me over gave me many hours of fun and enjoyment, even during power outages, it was the thing that kept me calm and alert til the power came back on and then I jammed on my PS2 afterwards.  It took me Six Years and alot of Personal and Pubic Issues to overcome, but the day FINALLY Arrived when I went to Wal-Mart again and as I was doing Christmas shopping with my mother and aunt for my family. the good lord saw fit to reward and blessed me with a PlayStation 3 160 GB with the New PlayStation Move and Saints Row the Third and Modern Warfare 3.


t his is How The PlayStation Community always looks out for their fellow gamers and welcoming me back home in the family; Three days before I bought my PS3, I talked to the guys at PlayStation: Official Magazine on their Facebook page and not only did they help me with some of the most awesome titles to get me as Started, My Fellow PS Gamers help me pick out some as well, I might as well be in the PlayStation Store Now, but I loved every moment  of it, because I appreciate Everyone at PlayStation to help me make some great choices, to this day I still look at it and it reminds me how blessed and lucky I am to be a PlayStation gamer. And to pick games out whenever I have the money for it….now working on my first nerdcore rap in homage to Playstation.



To this Day, I still have the box and reciept of the day I bought it, Celebrating my first year with a PS3. I'm on a Trophy hunt to get back into my gaming roots, but I finally found myself BACK in the PlayStation Family where I belong. It’s gonna take me awhile to play catch up with six years of awesome, epic, and non-stop pulse-pounding, electrifying games that ONLY PLAYSTATION that can deliver makes me drive to a game store and say, Hey, get me this game and take me money.   And when they look at me with a “What in the world” look on their face, I’ll say, I’m a PlayStation gamer who works hard and plays hard with pride in my voice.   Because I’m Driven To Play…I’m FOREVER PlayStation!!!!


#LongLivePlay #NeverStopPlaying

DOMINATING THE INDUSTRY....One Game at a Time!!!!
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