Feb 07 2013
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Download/Upload Speed tests FAIL 99.99999% of the time

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So i just got thr new 500 gb ps3 two days ago, hooked it up to my wireless internet. set up my accounts and such. Speeds seemed to be fine. I tried to download ratchet and clank (14gb) and so far it is only 55% completed. AFTER TWO DAYS!!!!!

I ran the internet connection test and everything "Succeeded" besides my dl/ul test. 

I dont get it, My laptop has excellent connection to my internet but my brandnew ps3 doesnt?

I just really wanna play some ratchet and clank. So if anyone could please help me out it would be greatly appreciatedSmiley Happy


P.s. I'm not Sony savvy. So please give me as much detail as possibleSmiley Happy



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