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Re: Don't understand the complaints about Madden 25, I love it.

Sep 6, 2013

CaptainAlbator wrote:

glaciusx25 wrote:

CaptainAlbator wrote:

in the interest of saving space....


It's a good idea in theory. I'm not a programmer so I don't know what would go into making a mode like that. I do know that when it comes right down to it, you'd be starting at a screen like this for quite a while;


Basic diagram


The real problem is that you have to come up with plays for any number of situations on the field;


  • 1st and 10
  • 2 and 10
  • 3rd and 10
  • 4th and inches
  • 4th and 5
  • 2nd and 5
  • Fakes
  • Special Teams
  • Two minute drills
  • Goaline offense
  • Red Zone offense
  • 2nd and Long
  • Two Point Conversion
  • I-Formation
  • Pro-Formation
  • Weak Side Flood
  • Three wide out
  • Play Action
  • QB Waggle
  • Man in Motion
  • Sweeps
  • Traps

There's more, but that's off the top of my head, and all 11 players on the field have to be reacting and running routes to whatever you have them, which is a huge variable. Maybe it could be done on the PS4, but there would be much more than just "Hardcore Mode or Casual Mode".

But the custom playbook in games like Madden 04 were good enough, and they weren't difficult.


You didn't have to have people literally track opponents.


For example, the line men you just set to either "Rush Block" or "Pass Block" and they did just that, just like all the pre-made plays that you see.

You can then draw player's routes, add options, etc.


Same with defense. You could set zones, man-to-man, etc.


It's really not that hard to draw up plays. I made a huge custom playbook in Madden 04 and it worked just fine.

Actually you know what? That's a rather streamlined way of doing it, and I have to admit, it's not a bad idea. You have a set play as a template, and you make some changes.

Casual mode 

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Re: Don't understand the complaints about Madden 25, I love it.

Sep 6, 2013

I own Madden 98, it was an awesome Game, & 2013 / 25 both remind me of it... 


But over all, my fave Madden Game is Madden 2009... 


I didn't like 10, or 11, or 12... 


13 / 25 were great, except that style is too old school... 


My Problems with 25 mainly that 1, it's too old school, & 2, the Play Book is really confusing... 

I played the Demo, & all I could come up with was the same Plays over, & over again, the Computer pretty much set me up with a Play I didn't want to use ever... 


I mean, my choices were chosen for me, I didn't really like that at all...

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Re: Don't understand the complaints about Madden 25, I love it.

Sep 6, 2013

HorrorGod wrote:

A few nights ago I was playing Madden '93, on Sega Genesis, with my brother and his friend.

We had fun, sure, but I'd much rather play Madden '13 now. It has nothing to do with graphics. I just feel like I have more control over my team.


I didn't play a Madden game from '95 till '07.

Instead, I enjoyed GameDay '98 (PS1) and NFL 2K (Sega Saturn) between that time.


But, when I played Madden again in '07 (PS3) I still wasn't impressed, so I skipped it yet again until Madden '11.

Since then, I've been hooked. (mostly because of MUT.)


Madden (or any football game) is best enjoyed when playing with friends / family -- People you know.

Otherwise, of course you will get matched up with strangers who like to exploit crap online.



I know I will eventually pick up Madden 25 for PS4. This ignite engine has me interested.

It's a nice new step in the evolution of Madden.

I loved Gameday 98 that was one of my favorites but they screwed up after 98 and I switched to Madden.  I havent bought a Madden game since 07 im dont like paying full price for an updated roster.

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Re: Don't understand the complaints about Madden 25, I love it.

Sep 6, 2013

if u hardcore sim madden not a good game for u  

each person when u sim  means little differnt from each person 


ill say this my problems with madden  but i havent bougth madden 25  wont till ps4 comes out 


for me here madden problem  rating dont matter  u could put tom brady at cb and he play good as any cb or u could toss him at d line and he be good as oline  woudnt u thing i oline pancake some one that weight 100-200  ?


next problem i have  is   if ur wr runing  slant post route etc why do cb run the play better then the wr ?


why there like no flags for  pi?  i know this dont happen much why there  2 flags on the same play  ? 

do u ever see horse collar flag called  but u see the animation happen in madden  yet 


let go with injuries  i play madden 13 i had 4 lbs out injuries  so i only had few going into the game 

but when they got tired out    my starting lb came in the game which said he was out fo r7 weeks with broken collar bone ?  he was out before going in to this game so when my other lb  have a huge injuries  and no one else to fill they put in a inury  


or how kicking  is so easy  if u get my a kicker with 99 power or 60 accurcy  guess what ill make 60-62 everytime i know madden 12 i could make 64 yard field gola madden 13 i think max i could hit is 63   the wind dont have like any effect on kicking 


for long time all everyone did was zigzag  which i think madden 25 fix that  not sure i only played the demo 

zigzag was not sim  its unrealstic so i hope they fix this 


i pro can name another 20 + things that wrong with madden for me  to even consider madden sim  ill say madden finally making improvments  but madden not sim game to me they try to be a simulation game which they not 


loook if u watch nfl any turnover r review by the booth but in madden they  dont 


u want me keep going lol  


but madden did some good what i seen on youtube like  if u in zone and no one on ur side the guy who was in flat will run deep and cover a guy instead just sit there and do nothing  but downside this is his animation he back peddling  no way he shoud keep up with a wr the runing  when he back peddaling 

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Re: Don't understand the complaints about Madden 25, I love it.

Sep 6, 2013
I'm not a huge football fan and have not played much of the games in a long time. And the reason being is like someone else mentioned- nfl 2k was WAY better. I had played that one years after madden became exclusive. Now when I do play madden its when my bro in law buys the next version I take his old one from him. I can't see myself playing for it because I don't really enjoy it anymore.

I miss nfl 2k
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Re: Don't understand the complaints about Madden 25, I love it.

Sep 6, 2013

As much as I despise EA on all fronts, it makes perfect business sense to just repackage the previous years game with a basic roster update, some other bells and whistles, and re-sell year after year. Rinse, Recycle, Repeat.....

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Re: Don't understand the complaints about Madden 25, I love it.

Oct 14, 2013
The in between bull gets me frustrated. Let me pick a play!
Nostradamus still knows exactly what I'm doing 1st play or last.
Blocking is... A joke. Hike laying on your back.
I haven't had to challenge a play yet but I know every year up till now you never win those.
AI is a joke.
It's a fun game but very frustrating just like other games. More often then not you get maddened.
Atleast there's no "swagger" whistle! Smiley Happy
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Re: Don't understand the complaints about Madden 25, I love it.

Oct 14, 2013
lol wut? The graphics are just one of dozens of major problems with Madden. Rob Gronkowski's arms in Madden 25 are 38inches thick. Every single lineman has a giant saggy belly of an obese 85 year old woman.

Then there is the laughable AI...
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Re: Don't understand the complaints about Madden 25, I love it.

Oct 15, 2013
Here's an interesting read on the new Madden. Lol. Sadly it wouldn't be far off from the truth.
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