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Re: Does playstation plus take requests for games?

Dec 16, 2012

moblesuit75 wrote:

Can you imagine?


Others have come up with an idea to create some kind of vote, where PLUS would pick a handful of games to vote on, and the winner would be available the next month.


Sadly, I don't expect that to catch on either.



I was thinking about this over the past few months, but I figured that if I thought about it, some one else must have. And they probably already posted about this. And if this is true, it means sony has decided not to go along with this idea. It's unfortunate, but I guess thats the way it is. Even though this would keep everyone happier than they are now.


Just imagine how many rant threads would no longer appear if sony gave us this option. 

1. we would no longer be in the dark about whats coming next.

2. We would eagerly be awaiting what we asked for (the 1-2 games that sony offered with the highest votes, and then the other games they usually offer)

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