Aug 10 2011
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Does anyone know how much space the Move.Me file takes up?

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I just received my code but before downloading I want to know how much space I need to free on my PS3 for it to run smoothly.

Also, I know basic programming on Python and know close to nothing about C#, any advice on how to take it up before beginning to code with Move.Me?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Re: Does anyone know how much space the Move.Me file takes up?

Aug 10, 2011


The only thing you download in your PS3 is the server, so it only takes like 6 mb of space.

About the language, it will depend on what do you want to do on the client side. In the project page - - you can download some C# samples that shows the use of some simple graphics using the OpenTK library - - This Library wraps the OpenGL libraries into C# so you can use them in WPF, WindowsForms (as in this examples), or in any way you want. So I think that if you want to make a game, or something related to graphics, using C# will make you things easier.

Hope this helps

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