Apr 10 2012
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Does anyone else think Meredith might be a robot?

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A note to the show producers: my gf and I are both fans of The Tester and just finished watching Season 3, but with each season I'm more and more convinced that host Meredith Molinari might be a robot programmed by Sony executives to look hot and speak her obviouslly scripted lines without question. She is always a bit uncomfortable to watch IMHO: her breasts are fake and her delivery is so mechanical and stiff that it makes you wonder what's under the hood (if anything). Can we please try fitting in more disorienting and unnecessary hair and wardrobe changes between scenes next season? Just awful, awful, awful line readings and completely insincere and removed from reality. Watch those shots when she's not "on" and you'll see a vapid empty waste of space.  And, lastly, in the finale, her protracted and rigid explanation of the Ford vehicle that contestants would be getting driven around in was truly vomit-inducing (the producers must take some blame for this as well - NOT COOL).  PLEASE replace this robot with a real human being in future seasons and don't be so lazy with the shameless product plugs.

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Re: Does anyone else think Meredith might be a robot?

Jul 12, 2012
shes a real person. lol. but she is very beautiful. i like seeing her.

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