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Re: Does PS3 Slim Overheat?

Jan 12, 2013

iggy116 wrote:
Hi everybody I was thinking about upgrading to the ps3 slim, but i remembered than back when they made the ps2 slim the system got really hot and it bodered me so i was wondering if the *NEW* PS3 slim overheats too.

I've found that putting your PS3 in an oven that is turned on will most likely cause the PS3 to overheat. I hope this helps.

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Re: Does PS3 Slim Overheat?

Jan 13, 2013

from day one my 3 year old 120 gig slim has worked fine. i play long sessions like 14 hours. some games like new vegas cause the bottom,back,hdmi cable,and game disc to feel hot. however from day one my slim has always felt warm to hot on the bottom,back,hdmi cable for about 2-3 inches from the end,and the game disc. 

i purchased a  sturdy drain rack for $5 that the slim fits perfect on top. its about 1.5 inches high  and all is placed on the top surface for max air circulation. my unit still gets warm-hot  in the mentioned places but after 3 years still works fine . the only thing of note is that the end of the hdmi cable cracked and seperated a little. that was noticed a year ago. i fixed it with tape and switched it with the end inserted in my tv, it all works fine today. 

my older 80 gig,msg4 bundle, fat never gets hot in the places my slim does. it will get hot on the right side and the fans will often run at high speed. my 80 gig fat also was sent in for repairs when at 10 months it would not read any discs. 

one can only guess at why sony designed the slim to sit flush on a surface considering the amount of heat on the bottom surface. the heat at the hdmi port location seems like another design mistake.

although my slim has worked well for 3 years and makes less noise than my fat i still do not like the operating temps which,imo, is caused by the smaller housing size .

now i am curious about the new ultra slim ps3. hotter and noisier than the slim in its top loading and smaller housing design?

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