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Re: Do you leave your PS3 plugged in?

Sep 13, 2013

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Brink-2-Chaos - Sorry but I disagree, power surges are not the cause of YLOD.



I have to disagree with you.

I have seen my cousings PS3 YLOD in front of my eyes on a power surge. 5 minutes later it was raining cats and dogs.

When I used to fix PS3's (reflows and cleanings), I would get a few PS3's in that have YLOD from power surges as well. 

The odd part is that you would think replacing the power supples would do the trick.... nope. A reflow was needed.

Not to say that its a common occurrence, but its not uncommon at the same time.

Grey, I think the PS3 would have failed regardless. If it needed a reflow the power surge didn't cause it. It may have made it sooner but it was going to fail without the surge but it wasn't the surge that truly caused the YLOD.

You should always have electronics on, minimum, on a surge protector. If you have the $$$ get a UPS.

You cant really say that for sure. just more speculation

Technically you are correct, it is speculation. The reason I don't think it was a surge though is the reason you gave in needing to do a reflow of the solder in the Ball Grid Array (BGA). When you are doing that it is because there is a short between two of the pads. This would not happen unless the solder was in a state of liquidous which takes a lot of heat and time. Now a surge could create a short with a transistor within the processor but it wouldn't create a solder short between solder pads.

So technically yes a surge could create a YLOD but it would be a different reason than what a reflow fixes.

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