Oct 08 2012
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Dishonored Sleeper game

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Dont know about everyone else but for me dishonored never really caught my eye untl few days ago and the more i read n see trailers of it im prty pumped to pick this game up tom! Gameplay looks fun n game looks gd and u have many choices to how u want to play this game def as a sleeper on my radar but now a must buy. So much grt content coming out rest of yr gonna b broke lol
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Re: Dishonored Sleeper game

Oct 8, 2012

Same here! I didn't even give this game a second thought until all the positive review scores started cropping up. I may have to try to fit the game in my schedule. 


Anyway, I was caught off-guard by the graphic-style. I expected something more gritty-realistic based on how the cover art looked but the game is cell-shaded so that's unexpected. Not that it's a bad thing. 

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