Jan 16 2013
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Digaea : HoD not compatible with old PS2 saves???

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When I found out that one of my top 5 favorite PS2 games had finally hit PSN I downloaded without thinking twice. I had previously copied all of my old PS2 memory cards to the console JUST for situations like this! Wanted to revisit my leveled up Laharl & party and continue where I left off 10 years ago. I let the game install, boot it up, hit "continue", got the "accessing PS2 memory card" notification... and got a message saying that "No save data was found". I double checked to make sure, and all my data is right in the memory card, slot 1. even tried slot 2. Can I REALLY not use my PS2 card data for this game? Did I just pay $10 for nothing?? If anyone has any solutions or explanations for this, please share.

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Re: Digaea : HoD not compatible with old PS2 saves???

Jan 16, 2013

I don't think any PS2 classics work with actual PS2 saves.  PS1 classics will, however.

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