May 26 2014
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Diablo 3 chat issues?

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Today I haven't been able to hear anyone chat in-game or at the main menu. I haven't had any issues with chat at all prior, so I'm a little curious any insight if anyone has it.

I have tried restoring the file system in safe mode to fix any corrupted data, but I've tested it with no change in results. Also tried resetting system data, which did not yield anything.

As for other details: The icon representing (little mic) is gone. Mute is still available, but does not change to unmute when selected.


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Re: Diablo 3 chat issues?

May 26, 2014

Does happen just with DIablo III? Have you tried a different game to see if the issue is with the console/mic, or with the game? Have you seen this error posted in the Blizzard Forums? 

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