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Re: Deleting trophy data on PS4

Sep 28, 2013

No one's account or card details were stolen as a result of the network hack.

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Re: Deleting trophy data on PS4

Sep 28, 2013

x_-fAtAliiTy-_x wrote:

FiveFourteen wrote:

x_-fAtAliiTy-_x wrote:

FiveFourteen wrote:

x_-fAtAliiTy-_x wrote:

FiveFourteen wrote:

x_-fAtAliiTy-_x wrote:

FiveFourteen wrote:

x_-fAtAliiTy-_x wrote:
Hacking is against the TOS.

Your account can not get stolen. You most likely gameshared, which is also against the TOS.

"I doubt they care, because you acted against the TOS.

How do you know I don't get to see humanity on the forums? You joined the forums today."

Another one jumping to conclusions, spare yourself the embarrasment by your eagerness to to make assumptions just because I mentioned the word hacked. I haven't acted in any way shape or form against Sony's TOS, the chances are you have.

I know because you have 6.5k+ posts in little over a year, You must have spent at least the last year of your life on these forums which would explain your bigotry and big headedness to others who have just joined.



Knowing the rules is not jumping to conclusions. 



lol, I am very welcoming to new members. I just don't care for stupidity. 


PS: I used to be a member of the Welcoming Committee. Smiley Happy

Yes you might know the rules but you are juming to conclusions by twisting my account being stolen with gamesharing. 


Just because I'm outspoken about my situation doesn't transcend into stupididty, "welcoming comittee",  Who would have thought?

Once again. I am not jumping to conclusions. I jumped to a single, correct conclusion.


Your account can not be 'stolen' without your consent. I don't see any other reason why you would have given your account details to anybody else.



I refer you to my answer on page 1.

Which post? I see some posts made by you, but do not qualify as an answer. 

"I coudn't tell you how they got my details but my assumption is that they gained access to login details from forums i've signed up on since I often use the same email/password not that I should be advocating this stuff". 


Regardless of how they obtained my information are you seriously going to sit there and say it's impossible for a hacker to gain access to your account?


Let's not forget when sony got took down as a whole by a group of hackers


Lookalike sony sites that are actually phishing sites


Gained login details from other sites databases to access your account.


There are probably countless other methods too.

I highly doubt it. 




If I remember correctly. You were encouraged to change your account information when the network was back online.


Only a moron would fall for those.


You should watch out for the type of websites you visit.




Well, what you could have done was recovered the account when you noticed it was "stolen".

Sorry, you're right I mean you are the expert in all of this. Infact you might just be an expert in hacking knowledge, I don't know? 


When the network was back online? Yeah you mean after accounts and card details were stolen? 


I'm not saying this was the method used, I was actually hinting at your false interpretation that Sony and accounts associated with them are somehow hackproof.


I'm not a moron to fall for these but there are people out there who will and do. This also kind of makes your point redundant that "accounts can only be stolen if you give them your details" which is what this whole debate is about now..


Even the most respected and reputable sites can have their databases accessed and stolen, don't be fooled. But obviously it's more likely to happen lower down the chain




So all in all I've come to the conlusion that from this useless debate that you are indeed a bigot even when contradicted several times. It doesn't stop there though because you insist on continuing this debate even when there isn't one to be had. Which leads me further to thinking that you're just using this as an opportunity to boost your post count and ultimately grow your massive e-peen that little bit more. How about that for detective work?


I'm done.

You are wrong. Smiley Happy



I tend to do that alot.



That detective work is not worthy of a S Rank.

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