Jun 02 2012
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Dear Sony please incorporate Playstation@home better

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The one thing that the xbox 360 does that im a little tiny bit jealous of but not enough to swich systems just to pay 60$ a year for online access is the fact that their social experience is much greater overall. their avatars are overall just for looks but its incoroporated into the social experience overall. if playstation@home were faster and focused on as a main part of the ps3 and not separate from your profile name and your username then it would be more worthwhile to use. i say there should be a mixing of all 3 usernames so that they all match up and are linked so theres no confussion for users and in turn more opportunate in increase social experiences between @home and the users and friends. i dont care so much about crossgame chat as it seems pointless no matter how you look at it (playing COD MW2 online.....hears my friends complaining and cursing at their system because they are dying in a differnt game) who the **** plays online with people then turns on crossgame chat to hear their friends ***** about THEIR game distracting you from the people you are actually playing with. seems pointless really. BUT THATS OFFTOPIC lol.

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