Jan 02 2012
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Dear Data Transfer Utility: How I Despise Thee

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Ugh. Bought a Slim 160GB to replace a 60GB launch model (which in of itself is another story; 4 year lifespan? Really?) Tried to use the Data Transfer Utility (DTU) per Sony's instructions. I have two accounts to transfer, with a total of 115GB of data. Failed two times. The transfer would get about 50%-60% complete and then die. The source 60GB would get an error of 80024611 and the destination 160GB would get 80010029.

After much cursing and Googling, I tried the following tips: turned off all media servers, turned off Internet connections, rebuilt the database on both, and swapped to a known good Ethernet cable. I even started deleting downloaded Playstation Store video and games, despite the fact the DTU is supposed to move this kind of data in the first damn place.

End result: the two user accounts would be set up on the destination 160 GB. That's it. No data. Zilch. No game saves, no photos, no RockBand library. Nothing. The only bright side is the two user accounts were perfect matches to the old 60GB. Took our passwords and behaved like normal.

Here was my solution:

  • Backed up any non-DRM game saves to a USB hard drive. I then attached the drive to the 160 GB Slim and copied each one over.
  • Backed up DRM game save to Playstation Plus. In my case, this included Killzone 2, Assassin's Creed 2, and Rock Band 1 and 2. Keep in mind that PS Plus only allows you to download one game save every 24 hours. In my case, it is going to take 7 days to get each of these save restored. A completely idiotic policy, Sony.
  • Started re-downolading games and DLC from the Download List under Account Management. The DLC will install even if you haven't reinstalled the actual game yet. For example, the Catwoman bundle for Arkham City will sit there until you pop in the game disc. Assuming the game save has been copied over first, once the game launches, everything goes back to normal.

Major gotchas include:

  • As stated in their how-to, certain data will not transfer ever. In our case, it's a handful of SingStar DLC.
  • Little Big Planet is another one apparently is majorly locked down. I was willing to blow that away, as there was very little time/DLC invested in it.
  • Most likely, any video purchases will be history. YMMV; I downloaded 7 episodes of the ABC series Pan Am for free on the old 60GB. The PS Store allowed me to re-download only 5 of them, for some unknown reason.

Our biggest issue was with our Rock Band library. All DLC and the imported RB2 library can be redownloaded. You'll need the original RB1 disc to restore its library. Fortunately, all you have to do is redownolad the import key and go to the Options menu on the RB1 disc. I'm guessing this will work with any RB1 disc, if you don't have the one you originally bought. Not sure about this.

One of the bright sides, if you can call it that, is that any lost game data will be reinstalled when you re-insert a disc. Not so great when it's a game like Resistance 3 with a mandatory 700 MB patch.

If I've made mistakes, fine. Please point them out. I'm off to argue with Sony about getting the Singstar DLC back. Either give me the songs we've legally paid for, or a refund.

If you ever need a shining example of why DRM only hurts honest consumers, here ya go.

What a miserable experience. Thanks for nothing, Sony.

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