Jan 25 2013
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Dead Nation... "glitch"?

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So, for some reason, I've had a real hankering to play Dead Nation - you might remember it as one of the games that was offered for free after that fiasco where PSN was down for months.


Well, I've downloaded it twice now, and both times, when I try to install the game, it tells me I need a PSP connected to install this PSP game to that PSP.


... But as I remember, it was a PS3 game, and one I even played before, before eventually deleting it to make room for other things.


Has anyone else seen this problem? Or did it actually turn into a PSP game while I wasn't looking?

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Re: Dead Nation... "glitch"?

Jan 25, 2013
Download it from the Download List that is located in your Account Management, under the PSN section of the XMB.

Any further problems you have can likely be solved by using the forum's search function.
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