Apr 09 2012
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Dcuo mic problemsSony- Wireless Stereo Headset for PlayStation 3 problems need help plz

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Hey guys i have the official sony headset i got for $100 i have not had any problems until this friday night i was in a fos2 raid on dcuo and usually i always start up my headset before the ps3 cause i know how it dont work if u get dcuo going first but anyways half way thru the raid my mic goes out and gor awhile i could hear the other ppl talking then i couldnt only little glitches of their voices but then i logged out and got back on and still does the same and now its monday and last night it still does the same any help guys? Oh yea i forgot i have connected my usb cable to the headset and still does the same maybe i need to switch to other usb slot??

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