Dec 01 2012
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Data Transfer anyone?

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Please help. I have a dilemma. My 2nd Gen PS3 bit the dust awhile back thanks to a lovely update. This time though it was a normal issue and has to do with the motherboard. I've actually looked up how to fix this isue but I don't want to be responsible for all of those screws. Oh, and the laser got fried too so I'd have to have the motherboard heated up and new grease applied to the processor and another laser assembly to get this thing working. Anyway, here's my question. Is it possible to take this hard drive out of the ps3 and place it into an enclosure. Hook it up to a new PS3 and use the transfer option to copy everything from the old hard drive to the new PS3? I'm assuming the new PS3 will view the hd as another PS3 since nothing will have changed. Will this work? 

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Re: Data Transfer anyone?

Dec 1, 2012

No.  You need to get the old PS3 running to transfer your data.  You need to run the transfer utility on both machines while they are connected via Ethernet.  When using an external drive, the PS3 will be looking for a drive that is formatted FAT or FAT32.  The internal HDD is an encrypted Sony proprietary format that can only be read by the PS3 that wrote the data to it.

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