Aug 12 2012
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Dark Cloud 2, the struggle on PS2

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I had a PlayStation 2 console since 2001 and my first game was NHL 2001. I always looked in flyers on PS2 games and always wanted Dark Cloud but seen it had a price of $94.97. So I was stuck with just NHL2001 & my PlayStation titles Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy IX and Crash Team Racing. 

When summer 2002 came I was finally getting titles. I got Jak & Daxter from a guy who was giving games away. A week later my uncle came and bought me Dark Cloud. I had various others by the year end. I had always kept busy on both games especially Dark Cloud because I didn't have a Memory Card for PS2. I had to leave it on over night to continue. 

By Christmas me and all my friends buzz was on Kingdom Hearts which no one had, but wanted. I was unfortunately unable to get it the Christmas. 

In late January I saw a ad in a Paper saying "Dark Cloud 2 coming February 2003." I then seen a commercial a week before release that was interesting (I never seen screens nor gameplay at the time), it ended saying Dark Cloud 2 and I was so happy. I Begged my mom to get me it first day but she couldn't at the time. 

So the day came it released and my friends were all still talking about Kingdom Hearts and Grand Theft Auto (though no one owned it cause we were 11). While they were going on about those I was thinking of a way to get the game. That day I did stuff like helping people and so on, and made $50 the same day. Sadly I failed to obtain Dark Cloud 2 on release falling short around $30 with the tax. I went to school unhappy. The day was boring and sad, so when I got home I popped in Dark Cloud 1 and continued the after game completion extras. 

My mom came in the room asking "_______ can I borrow your $50?" 

I said "sure..." Not really caring much, because I didn't expect it back. 

So after that II went and put in Ratchet & Clank to grind bolts for the 'Rip Ya a New One'. 

My mom got home at exactly 9:36 and called me to her room telling me "on my dresser, told you you'll get the money back, I even gave interest." 

I was lost at why I would get it back the same day. But then I looked and the sad day turned into a memorable moment I'll never forget. It was Dark Cloud 2. I Hugged my mom and said "I Love You Mom" about 10 times. Ran into my room and Popped the game in the system. I was playing the game until I had to leave for school the next morning, I stopped just after Monica's EPIC debut scene. 

From that day forward Dark Cloud 2 has been my favourite game of all time and I still play it every now and then. Still scratchless and getting a new PS2 to play again. Also praying every year Sony & Level-5 announce a 3rd game in the series in the same style as 2.

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Re: Dark Cloud 2, the struggle on PS2

Aug 13, 2012

Dark Cloud, and it's wonderfully amazing sequel, are two of the greatest games on Ps2.... Man do I wish they would pop out a third title or release the first two in an HD collection. The creation systems were (as I recall) so ahead of their times. Gahhhh! I wanna go back and play them now. =(

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