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Dec 20 2012
By: czeuch Uncharted Territory 1892 posts

DNS Error 80710102

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Hi! I am facing an annoying error. I have already searched in Google and Youtube but none of the presented solutions worked.


The situation is:


I log into my PS3 user and I am automatically logged into PSN. As long as I stay in PS3 menu I remain logged (I can see my online friends, see my account, etc). 


However when I access anything that requires to be logged into PSN, I am logged out automatically after a while. This time vaies a lot. Sometimes it I am kicked out seconds after I access the application (PS Store, PS Game, etc) and sometimes it ttakes 2 or 3 minutes.


Then I can't log into PSN anymore. But if I reconfigure my Internet Settings I am able to log in again. However if I access anything outside the menu, I am disconnected.


I have tried all possible DNS settings:,, etc. My media server is disabled, I have already restarted the modem/router, fixed IP, etc. I am using wireless connection and I have a notebook connected to the same wireless network. The notebook IP is different from PS3 IP.


I really don't know what to do anymore. 


Did someone faced similar issue already?





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