Jan 07 2013
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DJMax Technika Tune Bugs thread - please post all bug findings and resolutions here!

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To all DJMax Technika Tune fans,

Since there doesn't seem to be an official bug thread for this game out there, I decide to make this thread here on the official PSN forums. Please post all bugs you fund here. I enjoy the game very much however I am currently experiencing some game breaking issues. Please let me know if anyone out there are experiencing the same issues. Please also post any resolution you know here as well.

Known issues :

Sound Effects Not Triggering(Random) :
When you press a note key, a sound effect should be triggered. I have often experience this problem randomly where somewhere near the start of the song the sound effects will stop working(Song will still play in the background, but no effects triggered when you hit any notes). This has nothing to do with your song rating, as I tested this by playing very easy songs with no miss and problem still occurs.

**No current solution - please let us know if you find any fixes.

Song Loading Screen Freeze(Random) :
While loading a level, the game will freeze on the song title screen. This seems to happen randomly for me, however there are threads out there that suggest it is an issue of not letting the song preview load. This has not been confirmed yet by myself.

** Known Solution - As recommended by some, let the song preview video load before selecting the song to load.

"Thank You for Playing!" screen freeze :
After finishing a game, the game will freeze at the "Thank you for Playing!" screen.

** Known solution - I suspect this has to do with your network connectivity. The game will try to connect to the PSN at this screen. If you started the game in online mode, and some where in between the last song's result page and the TY screen your connection gets dropped, the game will tend to freeze as it has problems finding the PSN network. I only experience this at very low WiFi coverage areas in my home.

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Re: DJMax Technika Tune Bugs thread - please post all bug findings and resolutions here!

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Jan 7, 2013

Re: Missing Sound effects


I want to post an update on this issue. I found out the cause for this bug may have something to do with the "Anti-Break" equipments.


Basically if you have any anti-break equipped, when you run out of the anti-breaks, the sound effects will stop to trigger for the rest of the song.


I just did a clean reinstall of the game and found this to be the problem. Let me know if anyone else thinks this is a trigger for this bug.


*previous install I had ant-break 3 equipment on and got this bug almost every other song*

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Re: DJMax Technika Tune Bugs thread - please post all bug findings and resolutions here!

May 31, 2013

Thank you so much!  Removing the equipment stopped the audio from not playing.  Didn't need to reinstall the game, I'll just avoid the Equipment for the time being.

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