May 11 2013
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Cross assult glitch

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What is your opinion of this recent glitch in umvc3?



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Re: Cross assult glitch

May 15, 2013
Hmmm this glitch seems extremely difficult to pull off and looks like it has even less applications. It also doesn't even work on the whole cast. I wouldn't worry about it too much.
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Re: Cross assult glitch

May 15, 2013

IMO Marvel games are always going to be "broken" lol.  Is this glitch game breaking?  At first I said no, doesn't seem practical.  Waste of meter.  But then I thought about it.  It's kind of a double edged sword.  You do force a happy B-day situation on the opponent.  But the team with 2 characters can also abuse the glitch too.  Having "kitty Kat helper" super permanently is abusive.  Also potential for unblockable set ups.


I do see this as kind of game breaking at the highest level of play.  I believe the FGC is smart enough and good enough to find ways to abuse it.  That's why I think they banned it from evo.


For the casual players, I don't see it as game breaking.  Chances of seeing it online is slim.  Its just way too situational to pull off.  Its already hard enough to pull off a 1 framer online with the lag.

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