Nov 11 2012
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Cross-Buy major issue (Please read, I need help!)

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I bought the PS VITA months after I bought Motorstorm RC for the PS3. After I got the VITA I saw  that Motorstorm RC was Cross-Buy! On both PS Vita and PS3 I looked to get the free PS Vita version, but it costs $9.99! i was expecting a "Free" to be there! I looked in the Download history on both cosoles and there was no download for Motorstorm RC Ps Vita! Whats happening!? Am I doing something wrong?


I also cannot find any kind of help from anywhere! This is my last chance to get help!

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Re: Cross-Buy major issue (Please read, I need help!)

Nov 12, 2012

The PS Vita version was free at one point, but no longer. Since it was free by itself it was never really included in the Cross-Buy program since anyone could just download the free Vita version and also get the PS3 version for free. When you bought the PS3 verison it was at a time when the Vita version was free (powered by Scion). So you never got the Vita version. 

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