Feb 15 2012
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Content Manager is able to copy ... from PS3 to PS Vita

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Please use this thread to aide everyone, post your results of what does work using Content Manager to copy from PS3 to PS Vita.


I had put several of the old PSP games and minis on my PS3 since the PS3 update that left the install bubbles on the XMB for those. I mean to say, I used my download list to re-download several things I was interested in seeing on my PS Vita, but were not downloadable from the store ON the PS Vita.

I can confirm though that using Content Manager to connect to the PS3, install bubbles of some games are copy-able to the PS Vita:

I found 2 of my PSP games that would copy and do work on the PS Vita.

1. Savage Moon: The Hera Campaign, it’s brighter and clean, looks good, worth playing again (gave up on it on the PSP as it was too dark for my tastes, now it’s playable!)

2. Bejeweled 2 (I hated the button scheme way of playing it on the PSP) Re-mapping is awesome! I can move with D-pad or left stick, and I can swap with the Right Stick! So awesome! It’s what I’ve been dreaming of forever! I hated that PSP way of playing it so much I hardly did, it hurt my head to try to adapt to it, now it’s a dream.

(To remap, just hold press on the screen in a PSP game and a semi-translucent window pops up, with options right there, just touch the Right Stick line to get the options for it. Touch the option you want remapped to the Right Stick, — nothing; d-pad; or triangle, box, circle and cross.)  Then touch the X on the top left corner of that semi-translucent options screen to close it. Don't rest your hand or fingers on the screen, you'll pop that screen up willy nilly if you do.


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