Dec 17 2012
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So I don't know how to start but here goes.
Me and my friend are die hard playstation fans. So he got a ps 3 while I was still trying to beat final fantasy 10. We are neighbours abd we used to go to the same school. We always talked about ps2 cause he used to have one but then when he got a ps 3 we sort of fell apart. Then he moved to another state and we stopped talking altogether. Then 6 months back i got a ps 3 and immediately added him as a friend. Then in november when black ops 2 came out we both bought it and now we play and talk every night using a internet talking software. Now I'm saving for a ps 3 headphones and mikee but I end up using it for games. So with the psn code i would buy games and save enough money to get the headphones. Even if I dont get it we will still play and now we are best friends.
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