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 Well since the theme is talking about something playstation related, why not talk about my favorite franchise? And of course how i got to know it.


 I've lived all my life in Venezuela, a third world country, things can be hard around here, even today we are in elections, but that's not the point.


 I've been a gamer all my life, i used to go to my cousins house next door to play playstation 1. We played a lot of crash and we tried to beat metal gear (never made it) i liked the playstation, i wanted to have one. I had no money but i had a computer, a really old one. I decided to sell it to get myself a playstation 2 with no games at all. Every week i went to my local blockbuster to borrow a game or two, i didn't even have a memory card so i had to beat games in a rush. I still remember getting the 100 batteries in jak and daxter in one sitting. I had to try many times but i made it eventually.


 After a while my dad decided to get me a game (and a memory card) so we went to a game store to see what they had. As i looked at the boxes i didn't find anything interesting so i decided to ask the store manager if he had more games, he immediately told me he only had 1 more, this game was Ratchet and clank. I looked at the box for a while, the furry creature and the funny looking robot got my attention in a heartbeat, so i decided to get it and see what it was about.


 I played the game multiple times, always getting to the end of the game and never finishing the game because i found the final boss too hard for me. I really liked the game.


 A few years later i remember getting a magazine about video games, to my surprise one of the games they were talking about was Ratchet and clank: Up your Arsenal and about how good it was. I had to get it so i told my mom who was going to the US to visit my auntie. My auntie decided to get it for me as a gift after my mom told her.

 When i started playing i could feel the difference, the controls, the way the characters looked, the weapons, but the humor and personalities of the characters were still there. There wasn't really much story into it but that didn't stop me from loving it. This is what made me like the series so much, the fact that they tried to keep it fresh and fun with every game, without taking the classic feel away.


 I mainly got a PS3 for ratchet and clank, but i slowly started loving the console and it's exclusives, but my love for ratchet and clank was still there. One of the things i really liked about the future series is the fact that they wanted to tell a story, about the origins of both characters and went even further when it came to the character's personalities. I even cried when ratchet died in A crack in time.


 I´ve been getting every single ratchet and clank game and loved each one in a different way. Hell, even completed the first one with the hd Collection and it wasn't as hard as i remember!


 The best gaming experiences i've ever had were with the playstation, not just ratchet and clank but games like journey, inFAMOUS, Uncharted, Heavy Rain, Jak and Daxter, Sly Cooper, god of war... But i'm sure you guys will bring me amazing games in the near future. Keep it up playstation... and of course, insomniac. Can't wait for full frontal assault!


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