Aug 16 2012
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Community is more than just gaming

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I've only been a PS3 user within the last year. I found this community forum within the last week. In my times of playing online and gaining friends and joking around has been enjoyable. Sometimes my friends and I we just start a chat log and we just talk. Asking each other how life has been and talking about problems and it does get a load off of people's chest. Talking with people makes a difference in people's life and some people are serious and are a man/woman of few words, other people have great insight to things, others have great advice. And I have a great sense of humor. I like to make people laugh and enjoy a game online with them. I contribute my sense of humor to make people's day. What do you contribute? How do you invest your time online with people? What makes a community truly a community? Is it just having tons of friend requests? Is it just playing online with people? Is it just writing in the forums? Or is a community truly a community when you build relationships and friendship and contribute a part of yourself into their life? Community is just more than gaming...its building upon friendships and sharing life with one another via the gaming world.
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Re: Community is more than just gaming

Aug 16, 2012

ok that was good do you wanna see my metal gear solid 4 story here the link.

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