Oct 12 2012
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Community Spotlight 10/20 "PlayStation keeping me sane!"

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When I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in 2009 it was a very long and difficult process. For those of you unfimiliar with Crohn's it is an inflamatory bowel disorder which can cause severe pain, lack of appitite, malnutrition, and left me in an overall tired and crummy state.


Being stuck at home sick the majority of every day...I decided to pick up a playstation. I had been a lifelong gamer, growing up with the psx and ps2, but had yet to enter the ps3 generation.


My first two titles were Fallout 3 and Burnout Paradise. In each I put over 100 hours, and obtained the platinum trophy. I can still remember that feeling of accomplishment and joy that swept over me when I found the last billboard to crash unlocking the final requirement for my Burnout Paradise platinum trophy.


It may sound kind of sad, but being stuck home sick all of the time had negated me that feeling of actually accomplishing something. I wasn't making progress towards any goals or doing anything to that felt constructive with my time. That platinum trophy, although digital, felt like a tangible thing that I could look at and feel proud of my accomplishment. It made me feel like a winner during a time in my life that winning, at anything, seemed like an impossible task.


A few years later with me being much healthier, my ps3 has found a new way to bring me that feeling of joy by giving my fiancee and I so many great memories playing eveything from Ratchet and Clank, Infamous, Heavy Rain, to our two current favorites Borderlands 2 and LBPVita.


Being able to have that playstation level of quality gaming experience on the go is why I am proud to have purchased a First Edition Vita bundle day one. Cross-Play and Cross-Save are a dream come true for me, allowing me to continue my games while waiting at my numerous (and long) doctors appointments.


As taboo as this is to think I actually have more fond memories of playing my PS3 than I do playing PSX or PS2. I'm very happy to have had my PlayStation 3 to entertain me during that time.

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