Mar 22 2013
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Community Event hosted by Devs of Ecolibrium (PS Vita)

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The developers of the unique PS Vita game Ecolibrium are hosting a community event that everyone can participate in. Remember, Ecolibrium is free to play, so for all you PS Vita owners, make sure you download the game and get set for this unique event!


Ecolibrium is an imaginative real-time eco-system simulator where the aim is to maintain harmony within your own environment. Create a balanced eco-system by choosing different combinations of species, plants, and artifacts. Show your skills by acquiring fantastical creatures to populate your world, and sell them to friends online in player-to-player auctions. Also, drop and receive gifts using near.


1080578926.jpg 1080578928.jpg 1080578932.jpg


The event starts on March 22nd at 9am PST


Add Ecolibrium to your download list here (it's free!):!/en-us/games/ecolibrium/cid=UP9000-PCSA00087_00-ECOLIBR...


Here’s the breakdown of the event.


  1. On Friday, March 22nd  at 9am PST, the challenge opens, and players can join to the "online challenge" ecosystem. They will start populating this ecosystem, trying to achieve the best scores on the online leaderboard panel.


  1. The duration of the challenge will be from March 22nd to April 7th.  


  1. At the end of the challenge, the top 100 scores will win different prizes ( game tokens ), and the ecosystem will be reset & locked until the next challenge.



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