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[Clan] ReK Clan - CoD

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Hey guys. I just started a new clan called ReK Clan. So far we have 7 members. So here are the rules/details. 1. Will only accept people ages 16-28. I'll gladly bend the age rule for anybody as long as your not TOO immature. 2. KDR and stuff doesn't matter. Just a clan for people who wanna have fun and chat. 3. Will participate in clan operations. We both have jobs so if you have a job please let me know via ps3 msg and let me know your hours and time zone. 4. No swearing or discouraging teammates. Only  against the opposing team. If a teammate screws up leave them and focus on yourself . Encourage them. Tell them nice try or whatever. This is a friendly and Clan operation clan only. 5. If you can't play for a while please let me know.

6. Again this is a clan for people that wanna have fun while doing clan operations and not caring about being the best. A friendly environmental clan only.


Apply here:

My YouTube:

I will be making a YouTube channel for the clan as well. Well guys and girls I think that's all. I hope I didn't leave anything out. If you have any questions contact me on ps3. zX_Agility_Xz is my PSN ID. Add me if you wanna join and apply for my clan as well. Clan name is ReK Clan


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