Aug 07 2014
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[Clan] Newly created qs clan.

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This isn't the account though my QS clan acc is FaTaL_eXistenZ. Yeah I know what you're going to say. It's backwards blah blah. Yes I know I did it on purpose I don't follow rules. Anyways I'm looking for members we have 3 members at the moment but we need more. Three things.
1.) Make new account anything you want example. GhOsT_eXistenz. eXistenZ is the clan.
2.) Games we play on are MW3, MW2, BO2, BO1, Ghosts.
Add my clan acc for tryouts FaTaL_eXistenZ.
The tryouts won't be as hard as FaZe and such. The more the better!



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