Apr 05 2014
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[Clan] BHL Gaming is recruiting!

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BHL Gaming one of the largest gaming communities in the world is recruiting!



We are sponsored by Evil Controllers with a Machinima partnered YouTube channel and 90,000 registered members!

BHL is more than just a Gaming Clan. We are a Community of like minded Gamers looking to improve the Online gaming experience through Teamwork and Collaboration. WE ARE one of the largest gaming communities in the WORLD, but our success is measured one member at a time. OUR community is dedicated to all of its members and every member has a voice. We believe that each BHL member is a Leader -- from the rookie member hosting a game lobby to the BHL Management Team. Each member has an opportunity for advancement, and the opportunity to create a better community for all members.



We are dedicated and focused on all things gaming! Old School or New School, Core or Hardcore, Campaign or Multiplayer, Professional or Just for fun: HOW you play is up to you! BHL gives you a fun platform to find players with the same gaming style as yours. It's High Octane Social Networking for Gamers! Looking to become a Professional Gamer or turn gaming into a career? We can help you get started! Just looking for a fun group of players to game with? We've got you covered!


Who We Are


We are Elite Gamers! BHL's Membership list includes some the best competition & professional gamers in the World. Our Members Hold World Gaming Records for XP & Score in Call of Duty4, Call of Duty5, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty Black Ops, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, and Battlefield.

We help you unlock your games full potential through Organized Gaming. We help each other rank-up, unlock achievements, unlock classes, unlock perks, emblems, guns, maps, improve your KDR and Win / Loss ratios

We are a One Source Gaming Community! Weekly Tournaments, Contests, Events, Prizes, Gaming News, GameBattles / MLG, Professional Sponsors, and Fun! Be A Part Of The Revolution!


We host lobbies and hold events for next gen and current games like TitanFall,Call Of Duty:Ghost,Battlefield 4,Forza 5 and Grand Theft Auto 5 plus many older multiplayer games too so you will never play alone!


Sign up for our "Evil Controllers Event" to compete in a free for all battle to win a Evil Controller!Compete in our seasonal leaderboards to win a BHL Jersey from RAZA jerseys!


So why are you still reading this? Join BHL today and take your gaming to the next level!


Please add my name in the referral field!

Member for
BHL Gaming



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Re: BHL Gaming is recruiting!

Apr 5, 2014
What does the BHL stand for?
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