Mar 02 2011
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Change Email address in profile

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I am sure this has been discussed many times but when will we be able to change our email address in our profile.  I am sure many PSN users who have been here for several years have possibly changed their email address from what they originally used to set up their PSN Account.  The problem is that this would be the address that beta invites and other Playstation communications are using.  Mine is outdated and there is nowhere I can find to change it.  With the new version of the forums why could the ability to change your profile email address not be intruduced.

Does anyone know of a way to get this changed?  I officially inquired about this a few months ago and was told it would be introduced soon. 

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Re: Change Email address in profile

Mar 5, 2011

Hi bigd,

To change your login email address, please visit the following link:

  1. Sign in.
  2. Go to Account Settings > Manage Account.
  3. Most likely, you'll need to verify your login details once again.
  4. You'll then have the option to select "Change Sign ID (E-mail Address)".
  5. Pick a suitable email address and press Continue.
  6. Done!

Hope this helps...

- RockinRetrobilly

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Re: Change Email address in profile

Dec 8, 2015

My community profile email address sill does not update to show it when changed mine.

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Re: Change Email address in profile

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Dec 8, 2015

This thread is now locked due to necrobumping. Please make sure a thread is current and active before posting in the future. Check out the Rules of Conduct for more information. Thanks! - Platima

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