Jan 11 2013
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Cant log in my account on my ps3 and load save files prolem

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Ok heres my problem.... I tried restoring my ps3 settings to default then when i tried logging in my account it says that "You cannot sign in using another user's sign in ID even though its my acc Man Indifferent.... So i tried creating a new user in my ps3 to sign up again but when i copied all my save my files to my other user it keeps saying that i cant access other people save file Man Indifferent... Seriously?? OH and i cant even back up my throphy since it wont alow me to sign in any other account to that user Smiley Indifferent


Can anyone help me please

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Re: Cant log in my account on my ps3 and load save files prolem

Jan 11, 2013

Each PS3 user is tied to one PSN account.  Game saves are usually locked to a specific PSN account.  So it's not clear to me exactly what you're trying, but hopefully this makes sense to you as to why it doesn't work as you'd like.  If you use the PSN account that created a save file, it should work fine.  If you want further help you should provide more details - what game you're trying,  how many users and accounts you have, etc.

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