May 27 2012
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Cant join any Online Matches

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Hey veryone I'm in need of assistance,if yous could please help I'd gladly appreciate it

First off I bought my PS3 in the US...I moved from there to Germany for my duty station (I'm in the US Army) so I bought MW3 over here in Europe

I also got internet setup,they gave me an Arris52g anyhow I connected it all,did easy so it could auto connect without a problem,and decided to game and noticed I can't join any matches online,

Its searches for matches but does not join them,same goes with Soul Calibur V Wichita I bought in the US,and I'm guessing along with any other game

I will try to play online with...But I can also go to the PlayStation Marketplace and download things I have tried multiple things like disabling my routers Firewall but still it wont join any matches...PLEASE HELP ME,I will try anything yous throw at me

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