Dec 31 2013
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Cannot access the purchased Add-On?

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Okay so i bought an add-on for my game(Super Street Fighter IV AE) on the AMERICAN PSS through my american user,since the add-on i was looking for is not on my region's PSS.
once i bought the add-on i went on my primary region account,and i couldnt find the add-on i bought on the american user..
is there a way to transfer the purchased content from different region users?

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Re: Cannot access the purchased Add-On?

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Dec 31, 2012

Most add-ons I've come across are region locked.

The game itself & the DLC must be the same region, or it wont work.

Also, most DLC will only work with the account that purchased it.

I'm not sure which situation you're in but I'd bet it's one of the two, if not both.

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