Sep 15 2013
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Can you please join our GTA 5 Crew

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Hi,'' I hope your having a nice weekend. )


Please don't be mad or upset..but  I must asked.. Since We are days away from GTA 5! I Joined this forum, to respectfully ask you to please join our GTA 5 Crew''we need more members'' looking to do all kinds of things to dominate and get as much $$$ as we can. This means bank heists, robberies, missions etc. Sometimes we'll just chill and go on cruises in our flash cars once we all have made some money and can afford to pimp out our vehicles!

Why join us?All money will be split evenly between the group (50/50). No profiteering here. Everyone is equal. if you have any questions please Email me I'll share more details.Alsoyou need to signed up to the Rockstar Social Club? If not, you might want to get an account. If so, search for Wall Street Warlords (WSWL) and join..

Once again, if it's not too much to ask? Can you please join'' our GTA 5 crew, I promise you we are nice and trustworthy peoples''..   We respect everybody's opinionsand our crew is open for  EVERYBODY to join.. Trust me when I say this is our crew 50/50,,  we're equals  matter fact think of Us as extra Crew Members.. it's a, Honor to have you on our side,  Words can't describe  how grateful I  am towards you.. we love everybody, we love humans, we love peoples.. Nobody in our crew hates ppls etc..

Our Crew is for PS3 Gamers

search for Wall Street Warlords (WSWL) and join up.

if you have any worries, you can email me 24/7 at <>


Please have a nice day! Thank you for deciding to join Smiley Happy

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Re: Can you please join our GTA 5 Crew

Sep 15, 2013

Join, Rockstars Social Club and Search for WSWL in Crews


Sadly, this Sites didn't let me post the link ):





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