Feb 20 2012
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Can't log in as master account must accept TOS... Pretty sure i am the master account holder

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Hi I purchased a PS3 on my 18th birthday, in 2008, and created my account a month after so I was over the age of 18 when I created (Therefore should be the Master Account)... but over the years I have discovered more and more restriction on my account such as not being able purchase content from the store and online features in games such as Call of Duty were blocked (got these lifted by calling).

My latest problem is yesterday I was playing MW3 and due to cpnnection problems I logged out did a internet connection test all was fine until I tried to log back in I was slapped in the face by the message:

You must ask the holder of the associated master account to help you sign in.

<Note to parent or guardian>

For the sub account holder to sign in, you must accept the Terms of Service / User Agreement and Privacy Policy again using your master account

As I said above my account is my first and only and I was 18 when i created, somehow i have a sub account which is for 17s and under and must be linked to a master account...?

any suggestions would be much appreciated i will list what i have tried below

1. Called PlayStation - I was basically told it was my fault as i had forgotten details (I have 1 account and know the details)

2. created a new user and linked account

3. restored ps3 to default

4. tried to log in on (got same message as on PS3)

I am completely confused?!?!


Have emailed and telephoned PlayStation am being told I have forgotten details, which I have not as I only have the ONE account, or being ignored

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