May 16 2012
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Can't access wardrobe

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Wow Sony Sux!

Not only can I not access my Personal Spaces.

Not only can I not shop in the stores without my system freezing.

Now I can't even access my wardrobe without my system freezing me out.

So all the money I have spent is a great waste and I would like a full refund of all the items I have purchased and then I will go on my way and never purchase another item or shop in the stores ever again.

Does anyone out there know of a way to get out of your system when it freezes without shutting of your PS3?

When I shut it off, it has to repair the HDD caches which is now taking upwards of 2 hours or more to do. And everytime I go on HOME my system freezes somewhere, sometimes even while I am playing a game and I have to shut it off.

Oh wait a minute, perhaps that is what SONY is up to. They are trying to make you believe it is a problem with your Playstation and they hope you will go out and purchase a brand new system, to build up their sales due to the poor 1st quarter profits of 2012.

COME ON SONY WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO GET ALL OF THESE ISSUE RESOLVED????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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Re: Can't access wardrobe

May 16, 2012

It probably is a problem with your PS3.  If it's taking 2 hours to check your HDD upon restarting, I think that's a problem with your HDD.  When I've had to do it only takes 5 min at most, and I have a 500 GB HDD (I think because it's not actually corrupted by the freeze, it just had to check).  Anyway, you'd probably be better off asking in the Home forums, in case it is a problem with Home.

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