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Re: Can my PS4 get a virus?

Feb 17, 2014

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If anything I would say it's much higher of a chance of an Xbone to get a virus since it runs that awful Windows 8. Not that Windows 8 is specific to being prone to viruses, Windows in general is. W8 is just plain awful. 


The only thing that is common with Xbox One and Windows 8.... is the Kernel.

Nothing else.

Windows 8 actually has very few actual viruses, but since when has ANY Windows operating system NOT have viruses?
Do you know how to prevent them? Make sure you have a good Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware program and schedule it to scan on a weekly basis. Even Window's own Security Essential's software does a good job at preventing malware and virus infections...

Don't be ignorant.

There are also Viruses on Mac(yes, Mac's get them, who ever told you they don't is a fool), Linux, Unix/GNU...... NO SYSTEM is ever "virus free".....

You're taking this further than it needed to go. I never even mentioned Macs, but it seems like you're getting defensive and felt the need to bring up Macs not being "virus-free". I don't talk down to me, I know how to prevent them. I was making a point pertaining to the TOPIC OF THIS THREAD, not making this an OS flame war. So take your own advice and "Don't Be Ignorant" because you're acting like it. 

Mmmm, looks like he was just expounding on the question and giving an example using Macs. Calm down.

Some of you guys are quite full of yourselfs. Defending people that insult others and then backing them up for starting flame wars that had no merit. We're talking about game consoles getting viruses, not Mac vs. Windows so don't come at me being another member's fanboy here. 

Right... I was simply explaining what his reasoning was for what he posted. I suppose it made you angry because you didn't understand it, which is fine.


True, you are talking about consoles, but that does not mean any and everything that isn't 100% a console is off-topic. Explaining that nothing is virus-free by giving an example of the differences between 2 operating systems was a fine example.


Here's some advice to lower the stress level here, don't take things personally, because you're probably overreacting. Also, you probably should have at least 100 posts before you make claims such as "being someone elses fan-boy" as if you've been around enough to know anything about me.


It's ironic you would try to be the voice of reason by attempting to be above a flame-war, but you saying the things you do is the only reason there is contention.


It's also a typical tactic of throwing out "ugh, just like ignore them they're derailing the toooooppppiiiiic" whenever someone offers a differing viewpoint... it's really quite annoying.

Oh Boy!!! Some critical thinking!!!! I love you

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Re: Can my PS4 get a virus?

Feb 17, 2014

Thread closed as question has been answered and this thread is turning into a flame war.

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