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Re: Can I use my Tiger Woods 12 profile on another PS3 system?

Apr 27, 2012

botmfedr wrote:

I've read in a forum that Xbox users are able to sign in to their accounts using separate controllers and a usb flash drive holding one's gamer tag. So, I'm really disappointed that Sony Plus, with all it's talk about uploading your profile to its online storage service hasn't even addressed this issue. TW Golf is the only video game I play cause I'm a golf nut, and I signed up for Sony Plus because it said that I would be able to access my player through its service. Not being able to do the one thing that everyone pays the subscription for, to me is misleading and a breach of the agreement. At the least I'm canceling the subscription, while the stupid thing continues to auto upload my golfers progress to whatever PS3 console where everyone there can watch me golf by myself.

What I think is most frustrating is the absence of any kind of statement by Sony addressing this issue. I've seen many others posting about the same issue without any official reply.

Sony isn't going to make any kind of statement about this because It's not a Sony issue, the game is a third-party game made by EA.

As  already indicated above I'm still not sure what your're trying to do is possible.


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Re: Can I use my Tiger Woods 12 profile on another PS3 system?

Apr 28, 2012

Like I stated above, Tiger Woods PGATour Golf players using the Xbox console are able to save their gamer tags to a flash drive and access their profile on another Xbox and play head to head matches with a friend. If one is able to do it on an Xbox and not on a PS3, then yes, it is a Sony issue. In the past, Sony made you buy those memory cards that were so inadequate when it came to storage space, but at least you could save and load it up on any other PS. And I could be wrong but I think I read that USB flash drives were used for a bit.

So yes, you're correct in saying that it might not be possible, but it's not because Sony has done everything it could to make it work. If it works fine with the Xbox than its up to Sony to make it work for those of us that own it's platform. For those of us that only play one game on its console, it's a huge oversight.

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