Feb 05 2013
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Can I Kiss My PSP Goodbye? E1002 Battery Issues

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I bought my son a 'PSP Street' round about 12 months ago but after only about 6 months it wouldn't  charge up and as a consequence would just power off.

If you let it sit for a day or two it would eventually power back up for a bit more gaming time then eventually shut down again until it finally stopped working all together.

As we bought this at a duty free store while on holiday I had lost my proof of purchase so unfortunately I couldn't make a warranty claim and had just written the product off as junk.

Just the other day my son went to turn the PSP on and low and behold it powered up with a full charge (it had been left charging for some time) and he was able to play for a bit, but just like before the battery has run down and we can't get it to take a charge.

I've read the battery's in the 'PSP Street's' are non replaceable and if this is the case is this problem terminal? Should I just throw it away?

Is 6 months about the life expectancy of these things?

Any answers that could shed a bit of light on this problem would be really appreciated.

Thanks guys.


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Re: Can I Kiss My PSP Goodbye? E1002 Battery Issues

Feb 12, 2013
Either way I would contact Sony and see if you could do something about the problems you are having.
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