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Call Of Duty: Fighting In War With Heroic Pride

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Call Of Duty is one of my favorites shooting action what I've experienced During the past few years. This game makes me I wanted to go on an adventure around the world discovering great places and hunting down the terrorists who are responsible for their actions. In 2008 I'd purchased the game and went home walking along the way to play the new game what I've purchased. When I've got back home I started playing Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. I'd started out as a private soldier.


For the first time I started practicing learning how to shoot a weapon and knowing the weapon name. After a few tutorials with my friend Gaz. He told me to meet up with the rest of the S.A.S team in the other in the training bunker. I'd arrived my mark until my good old friend, Captain Price. I've meet him before in the other call of duty. After many attempts to finish the practice area to see how fast I am to finish the mission as quickly as I can. First mission was really coming down with heavy thunder storms around open seas.

 Cargo Ship

I were scared to see the water rise up and down like a tsunami. However, I needed to get the work done as quickly as I can. I've got my gas mask on and slid down on a rope from the helicopter I'd rode on. After we got to the cargo hold there's a nuclear box with an flag symbol of OpFor. Until an unexpected explosion happen, Captain Price told us that we go to escape before the ship sinks. I'd rushed after Price with his men to get out of this sinking ship. Until I've got out three of them jumped and I'd jumped as well, I'd started to slip until Price grabbed me into the Chinook helicopter.


Many more missions I'd did finding more strange Intel computers around every mission including the last mission too. As strongly I felt capable along on every mission, makes me feel I'm in the elite forces of S.A.S in United Kingdom. If I had Captain Price with me in person. The first thing I'll be doing is boot camp getting dirt all over my body and overcoming my fears. Getting ready for the worst terrorist attack that I would ever encounter with.


Next year 2009 I'm still playing Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. However, I'm on the last mission and finding the last Intel. I was fighting against the Russian terrorist for couple of minutes. Until I made it to the war room and all the terrorists are there shoot us down. However, with the cheats I made it way cool with the slow motion cheat shoot all them down with slow motion. With my heroic fight I've gotten the last Intel and got inside the truck with Captain Price.


The chase was intense the Russian assault helicopter were shooting us down while the driver is driving, shooting one by one. Until the RPG appears our truck I've used unlimited ammo to shot it down. I've kept hitting the helicopter but it won't go down or explode. The helicopter shot the bridge and we crashed into it. After the worst moments Sgt. Briggs tried to pull me out to safety. Until he got shot by Imran Zakhaev. Captain Price gives me the pistol and shot Imran Zakaev and the two Russian terrorist. And is all over However, I knew It's going to be a revenge soon. In modern warfare 2.


After the mission in multiplayer I've started in level one. And I've added my friend Mike to my squad. And started playing Team Deathmatch we were having lots of fun. Through the level and challenges we completed so far. Until this year I'd completed all challenges and level 55 10th prestige without cheating. I'll would remember the fallen great characters in Call Of Duty games, including Soap as well and Captain Price is all alone. However, something great would turn up on Modern Warfare 4. Fight with heroic pride is my name and I would continue fighting on for freedom.



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