Jun 22 2014
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[CLAN] Team Mythic [US, CAN, AUS/NZ]

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Hello folks! I am DyreWulf- from Team Mythic. We are a Casual/Competitive Gaming Community where we are looking for people who love games but don't want to be part of the "traditional" gaming Clan.


We don't consider ourselves a Gaming Clan, but a Community. The difference? We don't have people telling you what to do, when to play, and what to play. We all enjoy gaming, and we WANT to play with like minded gamers. We are looking for quality over quantity, and that isn't necessarily "stat" based. We don't care about your k/d, we care about your character, are you going to mesh well with our other members, are you going to stay dedicated to the organization, or are you just gonna join and then head on your merry way?


We "vet" our members, at Mythic we are a family, and we choose who we bring in very carefully.

You wont see any mandatory practices or events, we shouldn't have to give you a reason to play, you should want too, we just provide awesome people to play with!


So, what are you waiting for? Join a Community, be apart of the conversation, and play when you want, how you want...just don't do it alone!


We are actively seeking members from the United States, Canada, and Australia/New Zealand.


Visit for more details and to apply for official membership!

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